We're proud to invite you to the most exclusive gathering of Whales in the Western Hemisphere since 1997. This lifestyle is a choice…and we choose you. Catalina Whales are a special breed…they're aggressive, passionate, a touch degenerate, with a lust for success. This is why we met. To form this alliance. Everybody wants to go to the moon but nobody is exploring the ocean. WAGMI.

Catalina Whales migrate in close knit groups soaking in culture and spreading chad-like positive vibes. Sound familiar? Maybe you are part whale.

As a Catalina Whale your birthright includes the following:

  • A unique randomly generated whale (including ownership of art)
  • Access to the #WhalesOnly Lounge
  • Early access to all WAGMI Beach mints (more info soon!)
  • Hot new ponzinomics scheme
  • Promise to build a video game in the future

Catalina Whales are algorithmically generated from over 165 unique characteristics including:

  • Species, Mouth, Hat, Hair, Blowhole, Eyes, Glasses, Clothing, and Territory.

Some Whales are rarer than others but all whales party at the Catalina Whale Mixer. As in life, the rarest, smartest, and most handsome whales receive the greatest bounties.

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Moko Ko


A character designer addicted to Fantasy, Sci-Fi and the multiverse. A Unicorn in another timeline.



Surfer, manager, full time degen. Turning artists dreams into reality since 2011.



Music industry founder turned degen. Planting seeds and enjoying the quiet life with his favorite whales.

Shake Dude


Cyber Samurai Whale and SOL appreciator.



Music manager and marketing executive turned Solana Whale. Turning water into wine.



West coast native who spends most of his days working in the Discord trenches fixing scrummage across Cyber Samurai, Tungsten Cube NFT and Catalina Whales.



Award-winning creative technologist, former Head of Product Design at NFL, currently Web3 beeper and booper.