TLDR Blueprint Below

The Catalina Whale Mixer was created for all Whales; in life, in business, and in culture. It was created for those who refuse to live within the limitations others set for you, who take risks, work hard, party hard, and live life to the fullest.

The Catalina Whale Mixer is a Web3 global entertainment franchise, created with you and for you.

We are in late negotiation stages with a world class Hollywood production studio to develop CWM into a thirty (30) minute animated episodic adult comedy series in the world of the Catalina Whales.

Think South Park meets Silicon Valley for the NFT & crypto generation.

Yeah, we’ve basically done all there is to do when it comes to working in the music industry from signing and producing records, managing artists, global touring, founding record labels, the list goes on.

We’re in advanced talks with the three major music companies. Next mission: turn your Whales into global superstars.

Part conference, part beachside bash. The most exclusive gathering of Whales in the Western Hemisphere since 1997. Coming Q4 2022.

56 glorious honorary Whales for the winners of this year's Solana Riptide Hackathon. We’ll welcome some of the biggest and best builders in the space into the CWM and WAGMI Beach universe.

Since ancient times Whales have been known to have magical properties. This May all Catalina Whale holders with Diamond Fins status will be airdropped a vial of BIG Whale Energy...more details in the Blueprint.

Beached Whales will be the second official complete collection of Catalina Whales. The Beached Whales are the Whales that went just a bit too hard at the Mixer. Your Whale Energy will act as a mint token.

In conjunction with the Catalina Whales animated series, we will mint subsequent collections to keep expanding the universe. Catalina Whales: Season One, in addition to Genesis Whales, will be eligible for casting in the television show.

Hold an unlisted Whale for over 30 days? Yeah, you are Diamond Fins. There are three tiers of Diamonds Fins, each correlated to different rewards you will see throughout the Blueprint.

We’re building a hub for all things Diamond Fins.

Every Wednesday we will do either a Twitter Spaces or a Discord Stages for open conversations, alpha drops, talks with guests, and collaboration.

As a Whale you might as well be out of the water without your drip. The Diamond Fins free merch claim portal goes live Wednesday, March 23rd. These pieces are available exclusively to Diamond Fins holders from snapshot 1 to snapshot 2 and are completely free.

We are granting you a free and clear license to the artwork and likeness of your Catalina Whale. But what good are commercial rights if you don’t have the connections or means to do anything with them? In everything we do in the Whales universe, our characters will be cast from your Whales.

We are partnering with leaders of art, media, and culture to create robust and vibrant worlds, inclusive of digital collectibles, film, television, music, events, merchandise, and metaverse integrations.

WAGMI Beach is building a Web3 Disney for adults, and the Catalina Whales are our Mickey Mouse.

Your Whale is your key to WAGMI Beach.